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VeggieFresh – For Your Home

Veggie Fresh, our 100% natural mineral mix, absorbs ethylene gas and comes enclosed in DuPont Tyvek® packaging which meets USFDA requirements for direct contact with food.


  1. Remove the Clamshell from the plastic bag.
  2. Place Clamshell in crisper bin.
  3. Keep in crisper bin for up to 90 days!

“I am so impressed with your product! There was ‘nothing wrong’ with my sub-zero refrigerator. However, since using your product, I noticed that the fruit no longer gets dried out, not is there ‘fur’ growing on the strawberries and the blueberries. I can’t believe that the berries lasted 10 days! What a worthwhile investment!”
– Melanie Levine, Houston, Texas


Imagine the savings you will receive by keeping your food fresher, longer!

For best results, open humidity slows for crisper drawers and keep crisper drawers slightly open if possible. Expose fruits and vegetables whenever possible.


Disposal: Our 100% natural mineral mix is completely recyclable to the planet. The same gases that Vegie Fresh absorbs make excellent fertilizer and Vegie Fresh can be added to your garden. Reuse and recycle the clamshell as usual, and for the greenest among us, the DuPont Tyvek can be recycled directly to DuPont making Vegie Fresh a TRULY ZERO FOOT PRINT PRODUCT.

For more information, visit DuPont.


Not for consumption.