Vegetables for Dogs, Vegans to Meet in India to Share Recipes

The Indian government has announced that the first-ever Vegan World Expo, to be held in Mumbai from March 16 to 17, will be held on March 17.

The announcement was made by Health Minister Harsh Vardhan at a function organised by the Maharashtra government to mark the official opening of the Expo.

According to the official event page, the Expo will be attended by over 1,000 vegans, vegans-in-training, vegan food entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders who will share and discuss their experience, ideas and experiences with their fellow people in the Indian market.

Vardhan also said that the government is ready to make available vegetarian and vegan dishes at government-run public schools, private schools, public hospitals and medical colleges.

The minister said that all the participants of the event will be invited to participate in the discussions on the subject of food safety, animal welfare, and environmental issues in India.

“We are working towards making sure that the world-class cuisine is available to every one of our people in our country,” he said.

India has the largest population of vegans in the world and is known for its vegetarian cuisine, especially the vegetable dish known as Mein Kampf.

Vegetarian food is traditionally considered an essential part of a meal in India, which is not unlike the way the Indian food culture is influenced by Western culture.

Veganism is not as popular as it once was in China, with a few notable exceptions.

For example, in 2011, vegetarian restaurants were allowed to open in Mumbai.

Since then, the trend has been on the rise in India with more restaurants opening and more vegans joining the ranks.

In recent years, the demand for vegetarian food has also grown due to the rise of veganism.

In 2016, India was the first country to allow vegans to travel on Indian airlines.

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