Why are there so many veg and curry recipes on YouTube?

The list of ingredients on YouTube is long, with more than 150,000 categories.

It includes many types of vegetables and grains, some of them quite common.

It also includes herbs and spices that have become popular in the Indian subcontinent and South East Asia.

The problem is that the vast majority of the recipes on the internet are made up of just two ingredients.

And they are both incredibly common.

Many of the popular recipes are made by people who don’t know what a recipe is.

A lot of people make them just to make it easier to make, says Gopal Krishna, founder of The Kitchen of Indian Cuisine, a cooking education site.

The list of spices that are commonly found on the online ingredient lists is also a challenge.

Many of them are not commonly used, such as cumin, cardamom, coriander, fennel, fenugreek and cardamomycin.

They are all more expensive to grow, but can be used in recipes for more exotic dishes.

“The list is very extensive, but it’s not very user-friendly,” says Krishna.

The problem for the Indian community is that it doesn’t have the same tools to track ingredients on the web as it does in the United States, where many ingredients are freely available online.

And the Indian government doesn’t enforce the ingredient-list rules.

The government only requires that ingredients are listed on a website.

“We don’t have an easy way of knowing what we are buying or what is in it, which is why we can’t really monitor how ingredients are being used,” says Rishabh Agrawal, a food writer and chef based in Delhi.

“In India, we can do the ingredients analysis ourselves.

But for us to get our food right, it’s much more complicated.”

Food safety issuesWith the vast amount of ingredients that are available on the Internet, there is a huge potential for food safety issues. 

“The lack of a national database and a lack of regulation has led to a lot of misinformation and a lot more confusion,” says Anil Madhav, a spokesperson for the World Health Organization.

Madhava says that many people assume that the ingredients on a recipe are safe because the ingredients are easy to find online.

“But in fact, the ingredients and the process of processing them are dangerous,” he says.

The lack-of-national-databaseThe lack to have a national-level database of ingredients is a problem, says Madhavan.

He says that the World Food Program, which runs the Food Safety Program in India, has identified some of the most dangerous ingredients in the world, including the herb sambar, the spice cinnamon, the fungus mustard, and the spice turmeric.

The food safety program is trying to fix that problem by establishing a registry of ingredients.

“The Food Safety program is looking at the quality of the ingredients, the quality and safety of the preparation, the preparation time and the food safety monitoring, which should be done online, so we can ensure that ingredients aren’t being adulterated,” says Madhan.

He says that if it becomes mandatory for food companies to list the ingredients in their online ingredients list, that will be a game-changer. 

The Indian government has set up a portal on its website called Food Safety and Quality to keep track of the food that is sold in India.

“It will be able to track all the ingredients,” says Virender Sood, director of the Food Standards Authority of India.

Sood says that once the website is up and running, the Food Security and Quality team will track all ingredients sold in the country.

“Food safety is a national priority,” he said.

And for many people, this will mean finding a recipe online, and figuring out how to prepare it. 

A lot of the time, people are unaware of how to cook, he says, adding that people who do know how to do it can often make a recipe with the ingredients listed on the website.

There are a few websites that provide recipes for easy and inexpensive cooking, says Roshan Bhatia, a restaurant owner in Delhi and author of the book The Taste of India, which focuses on cooking in India’s traditional cuisine.

Bhatias says that he uses a combination of ingredients to make his curry recipes.

He also makes it in a slow cooker and marinates it with spices.

Bhatias makes the curry with two ingredients: a lotus root and a tomato paste, both of which are commonly used in Indian cuisine.

The spice turam masala is used in other dishes, but not in this curry.

“I put turam in the curry because it’s the best turmeric,” he explains.

“I add salt, so that it gives the curry a little bit of flavour.

It gives a lot and it’s also a good seasoning

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