Japan’s Microwave Vegetable Steamer Is Made from Hot Chips, not the Fruits

Japan has launched a new microwave vegetable steaming appliance to help it cut its dependence on imports of canned fruits and vegetables.

The Microwavesome Vegetable steamer is a compact, plastic, electric-powered appliance that can be easily transported.

It can also be used for baking and cooking and can be made in Japan.

Microwavable vegetables The Micawatch, or Microwaving Vegetable, steamer uses hot chips and can cook the vegetables for about a minute or two before they are cooked.

It was invented by Takashi Shimada, a former employee of the Mitsubishi Chemical Co. It’s designed to use hot chips to cook the potato and cucumber for about two minutes before they’re cooked.

The chip chips have a heat of around 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is higher than the hottest part of a frying pan.

Micawatches are small, compact appliances that have a capacity of about one kilogram, or about two pounds, according to Japanese media reports.

The company behind the Micawatching Vegetable says the gadget is made from hot chips that have been heated to around 3.3 million degrees Fahrenheit.

It is designed to be used in the microwave oven to prepare vegetables, like potatoes and cucumbers, which are very hot and need to be cooked to a perfect crispness.

Micawsome vegetables are commonly used in sushi, which means they are eaten raw, but can also cook in the dishwasher.

The microwave vegetable is the first appliance in Japan to be designed specifically to be microwave-friendly.

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