How to cook a vegan vegetable curry recipe – the secret to a satisfying meal!

I know, it sounds obvious but if you’ve ever cooked anything meat-based, it’s probably worth a shot.

The basic idea is to combine a good quantity of fresh vegetables with a curry of your choice.

I’ve also heard it’s better to start with a basic recipe.

It’s easy to get it wrong and end up with a recipe that’s far too bland, so you’ll want to be on your toes.

Here’s what you need to know about a vegan curry recipe:What you need1.

Fresh vegetables1.

A good curry spice mix(I used turmeric and coriander)2.

Fresh herbs1.

Garlic, chopped1.

Cumin, ground1.

Black pepper, ground2.

Red chili powder, ground3.

Garam masala, ground4.

Green chilli powder, to taste5.

Salt, to saltThe basic recipe for a vegan veggie curry is as follows:1.

Start by preparing your favourite veggies.

The best way to prepare vegetables is to chop them, peel them, and chop them again.

The easiest way to get the right flavour and texture is to mix them with the curry spice.2.

Chop the fresh herbs and the garlic.

I used turried parsley, but you can also use green or red chilies if you prefer.3.

In a bowl, mix the curry spices with the fresh herb.

Add the cooked spices and mix well.

You can also add a little salt if you want a nice salty flavour.4.

Now you’re ready to cook the veggies.

Chop them in small cubes, and then place them in a dish with the herbs.5.

Add a little water to the dish to prevent sticking.

Heat your oil in a pan.

Add some fresh herbs.

Once the herbs start turning golden brown, add a splash of water and cook for a few minutes.6.

Add in the garlic, green chilli and green chillies and cook it for another minute or so.

Add red chili powder and turmeric powder.

Cook for another few minutes, and add the garam masalas.7.

Add salt and black pepper, and the garas masala.

Serve it with the coconut milk.8.


Vegetarian Veggie Curry recipe by Veda M.

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