Alaskan chef says he’s going to open the country’s first organic ice cream shop

Posted February 06, 2020 08:19:17A few years ago, Alaskans started dreaming about a better future.

Now, they’re hoping to do just that.

Kristen Wambaugh has dreamed of opening a country’s only organic ice creampuffery in the heart of the North Slope.

The company, called Ice Cream Ice Cream, will focus on selling ice cream made from local, sustainable ingredients.

The company hopes to open its first ice cream store in the northernmost corner of Alaska, on the shores of the Bering Sea.

Its owners hope the ice cream will help drive economic development and bring in fresh food.

The first batch of ice cream in 2018 tasted great.

“We’ve got a really strong community here,” said Wambaughlin, who has been making ice cream since 2009.

Wambaugh is an Alaskano born and raised, raised by a single mother.

She and her husband, Michael, decided to open their first ice crea- shop on the coast when they bought their first truck in 2006.

“It was a big, beautiful truck and we were excited about the possibilities,” she said.

She remembers thinking, “Wow, we could open a business here in Alaska.”

That dream was born.

The ice cream is produced in a small factory and shipped to Anchorage.

The factory has four full-time employees.

Wambaug, who is a certified chef, and her staff mix and blend ice cream to create the most popular flavors.

I’m going to keep doing this for as long as I can, and I’m just going to do it the best way I can.

Wambaughlin said she hopes to bring the ice creams to as many as 1,000 people in her new ice cream factory, which is located on the edge of Anchorage.

A lot of Alaskas work is seasonal, so they have limited shelf space, so Ice Cream is the perfect way to create seasonal ice creamas, she said.

“Ice Cream Ice cream has always been about the flavors and the ingredients.

We’re going to continue to do that,” she added.

Alaska is one of only two states that does not have a state law requiring the use of sustainable ingredients in all ice cream.

Wamaugh said the idea of organic ice is important to her.

Ice Cream, like many things in her life, she feels is a product that has been created by her family and friends, she explained.

When she started her ice cream business, Wambach had no idea how much she would be able to make and sell.

But with help from her family, she made the transition to the ice industry.

We’re doing it because we love it, and that’s what we do,” she explained, adding that her ice business will remain in the family.

It’s also important to Wambahns success, she added, because it allows her to continue making her ice creama and ice cream on a regular basis.

My family is not going to change until we do.

I am committed to doing it the way it was meant to be.

I’m not going anywhere, and this is the only place I can be doing it, she concluded.

For more information about the Ice Cream Restaurant and Ice Cream Bar, visit or call (907) 893-4200.

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