How to Make Vegan Veggie Salad Recipe With Kid Vegeta

A kid vegetarian version of the tomato salad recipe is making its way around the world.

NBC’s “Today” show reported that a group of children in Australia are making homemade vegan tomato salad, complete with chickpeas, tomatoes and spinach.

The children also make vegan sour cream, so that it can be used to dip avocado and cheese.

The recipe is called Kid Vegetas Vegetarian Salad, and it is a vegan tomato sauce that’s easy to make and tastes just like a traditional tomato salad.

“It is one of the easiest recipes for kids, because it’s really easy to prepare and it’s a lot of fun,” Katie Loughlin, a parent at a local children’s home, told NBC.

“This is really exciting for the kids, and hopefully the kids are going to get excited about eating this and loving it.”

The children’s mother, who goes by the name of Kid Veera, said the recipe came about because she has three kids and a toddler.

“When I was having the children, I would always get excited when they would eat vegetables.

I would bring them in here and I would cook them vegetables and make them salads,” she said.

“I just felt like, I’ve got a responsibility to give my kids a little bit of something that they might enjoy and want to eat.”

She has a new recipe for the salad.

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