Why is our diet so bad?

It’s time to change the way we eat our vegetables, the researchers write.

“A diet that’s too nutrient-dense, and therefore leaves the body with less energy and less usable calories, has the potential to exacerbate a number of conditions,” says Dr. William G. Bouchard, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.

“I think it’s time we got serious about getting our nutrition right.”

A big part of this is getting more vegetables.

More than one-third of the world’s population, or roughly 40 percent of the global population, eats less than one third of their daily calories from vegetables, according to a 2015 report from the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization.

More and more people are opting for less processed, refined, and unhealthy diets, according the report.

This has been especially true for Asian and South Asian populations, which tend to have higher consumption of red meat, sugar, and processed foods.

“It’s important to remember that the majority of calories that we consume are from the food that we eat,” Bouchards research assistant, and author of the new study, told The Wall St. Journal.

“The amount of nutrients we get from our foods is a much bigger proportion of our total calories.”

The research team also suggests that there’s a lot of variability in the way vegetables are grown.

For example, Asian countries are much more dependent on their land, which may limit the number of vegetables they can grow, which can be a problem for vegetables.

For a variety of reasons, like climate change and drought, the number and quality of vegetables available in Asian countries has decreased over the past 30 years, Bouchords research team notes.

The findings are based on a study of 1.6 million people in 26 Asian countries, which found that more than one in 10 people in the study had a plant-based diet.

And while the number may seem high, the team says it’s important that people have access to vegetables.

In fact, nearly 40 percent in the United States eat fewer than two servings of vegetables a week, compared to 15 percent in Asia.

And even if they don’t eat much, their bodies are still getting a lot out of it.

According to the U, USDA, Asian diets have a higher than average fat intake, and a low protein intake.

And those are factors that could lead to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

“If you are a person who eats less vegetables, that’s going to lead to an increased risk of type 2 disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes,” Baughards study co-author and associate professor of psychiatry, Dr. Mary Jo Newhouse, told CNN.

Boughard said that it’s hard to know how much vegetables people eat, but she thinks that the average person in the U is eating less than five cups of vegetables per day.

That’s roughly two cups of broccoli, three cups of cauliflower, and one cup of lettuce, the report notes.

That means a person with a healthy weight of 180 pounds could eat up to two cups.

That translates to one cup per day for a person of 180lbs.

“We can only speculate how much calories are in a serving of vegetables, but the American diet is so heavily processed and saturated that we’re basically getting less than half of what we need,” she said.

But the good news is that the amount of vegetables consumed is actually decreasing.

“Our findings show that, contrary to the myth that vegetables are not important in our diet, they are a major component of our diet,” Boudreaux said.

“And they are contributing to a number health benefits that are beneficial.”

The study was published in the American Journal of Public Health.

You can follow the full story at the journal. 

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