Why I’m not a ‘Trump Supporter’: A Post-Trump Leftist

In an article titled, “Why I’m Not a ‘Donald Trump Supporter’,” John Binder of The Federalist, a conservative website, argues that Donald Trump’s “stunningly effective campaign for the presidency” is not “the work of a typical liberal activist.”

Binder argues that “he and his supporters are not part of the typical liberal activism,” but rather “have an agenda.”

“Trump’s victory is a sign that the Democratic Party is in danger of becoming irrelevant to a growing number of Americans,” Binder writes.

“If we don’t start seeing the Trump effect in other arenas, it will only become more apparent in the coming years.”

He adds that “the only reason Trump is popular right now is because of his appeal to a large part of his base.

If we don’s not fix that, he will be a political and economic disaster.”

Binder’s argument, however, fails to take into account the impact of the Trump phenomenon that many conservatives have been warning about for years.

The phenomenon, which is becoming more pronounced in the 2016 election, is that Trump supporters, as well as a large segment of liberals, are not only actively opposing Trump’s candidacy, but actively pushing for a Hillary Clinton presidency.

“This is not simply a Trump phenomenon,” Bester writes.

Instead, “it is a movement of the far left that has taken over American politics and is threatening to undermine our democracy.”

Binders analysis also fails to account for the fact that Trump is not alone in his disdain for the Democratic party.

“The Republicans have long been accused of being more concerned with themselves than their party,” he writes.

In fact, according to the Washington Post, “the Republican Party has long been known for its disdain for its own party and its tendency to support parties of the left.”

Bermuda’s “Bermudagoes” are a group of Republican politicians and business executives who have been supporting Hillary Clinton since her husband’s first presidential run.

The “Bernada” are in turn aligned with the Democratic National Committee and have been working with the party in an effort to oust Trump from the White House.

“Bertram, the Democratic senator from Maine, said the Democrats’ effort to take over the Senate and control the House would be ‘devastating for our country.'”

The “Berkers” have been vocal in their support for the party since it was formed in 2005.

Binder notes that “they were also instrumental in bringing together the so-called ‘Bermuds’ who have supported Democratic candidates in recent years,” a reference to a group that includes former Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and other members of the Democratic establishment.

Binder also points out that the “Berser” are also a political force within the Democratic political establishment, as they have pushed the Democratic candidates to adopt the “Bernie Sanders” platform in order to help “bring down Trump.”

“Bender, the top Democratic fundraiser in the state, is the one who raised the largest sum in campaign funds for Sanders,” Binders writes.

In 2016, the “Berks” were a key player in bringing Bernie Sanders to the Whitehouse.

In 2017, “Berberettes” were also a key force in bringing Hillary Clinton to the presidency.

But Binder fails to acknowledge that the entire political establishment is “belligerently working to elect Hillary Clinton,” in part because “they know that their job is to win, not to represent the interests of working-class Americans.”

“The Democrats have been in charge of our government for decades, but now they are in charge because of their own base,” Bimmer says.

“They can no longer afford to keep up appearances.

The Trump effect is beginning to become increasingly obvious.”

In fact, “Trump’s presidency has been a complete disaster for Democrats and liberals alike,” Biber writes.

He concludes that “Democrats need to understand that they cannot win in 2020 if they don’t have the courage to face the Trump effects.”

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