Which religion is the most popular in the US?

The US has been experiencing an enormous spike in popularity for the world’s most popular religion.

According to Pew Research Center, about half of American adults have at least one religion.

The data from the National Survey on Religion and Public Life shows that more than six in ten Americans are unaffiliated with any religion, with atheists, agnostics and those who don’t identify with a religion making up the rest.

The US was the most populated country in the world in 2016 with a total population of about 7.6 billion.

It has the largest Christian population, with more than a quarter of Americans identifying as Christians, according to the Pew Research study.

In contrast, the number of Muslims has increased over the last decade.

According to Pew, the largest religious group in the country is evangelical Christians, with nearly three in ten saying they are affiliated with a Christian denomination.

Muslims make up about 6 percent of the US population.

A growing number of Americans are identifying as unaffiliated.

According the Pew report, a quarter (25 percent) of Americans say they are atheist, while another 23 percent identify as agnostic.

Pew also found that atheists have grown more comfortable with their beliefs in recent years.

The Pew Research report found that there is a growing number in the United States identifying as atheists, with roughly six in 10 of the country’s adults identifying as atheist.

According the Pew study, more than four in ten (41 percent) Americans say their religion is “no longer important to them.”

Pew also says that more Americans say religion is less important to their daily lives.

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